American Advanced Technology – CONSULTING & PROJECTS
We are a company that sells technology products of various kinds. Backed by over 20 years of experience in the Technology-Industrial sector, both nationally and internationally.

AAT-American Advanced Technology is a young and professional team, experienced in marketing products that best can be adapted to the needs of each client. From our management department, working with a consortium of industrial manufacturers present on several continents.

We are structured with a business network adapted to current market needs, in order to give customers a personalized and unique product, which differed from the rest. Reach the ultimate goal, a product with a unique design and production model, working with the client, from the first contact to the final result.


AAT has been created by people who need it; we are all technology users and we enjoy it! A lot of people nowadays spend hours using mobile devices to access the internet, chatting, and staying in touch with the world, that’s why we decided to bring the technology closer and closer to people and innovate constantly to satisfy our clients.
Our Goal
Our goal is to make sure you’re always able to access all the newest tools and technologies being developed day by day all over the world, to help you to be always ready.

The idea is simple, technology should be available to you according to your needs and everywhere you are. That means that technology will soon be in every home, office, school, hotel, restaurant, bar and coffee shop around the world. That’s why we offer you high quality products customized according to you. We also like to support the growth of other companies by helping them to access the best tools available in the market.

Why American Advanced Technology?
Over 90% of people around the world own a cell phone, the “stay connected” issue is a universal problem everybody can relate to. We know there’s other options out there, but really ask yourself this question what would be like to have technology at your fingertips according to your personal specifications. The idea is to place technology everywhere.

Our products help to attract more customers and keep your business flowing. American Advanced Technology provides an essential service for people “on the go” and, a unique customer engagement opportunity. Our clients, from hotels, airports, service stations, shops, malls, restaurants, events, internet cafes, offices and more, and they are constantly helping us grow as a team, by learning to understand and develop our client ideas.

Nowadays we use our portable devices for social networks, sharing information, email, shopping. If you’re anything like us, you are surgically attached to your phone. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, you just like to stay connected to the world! So let´s all stay connected!

So we needed secure, reliable, customizable, high end devices to make our lives easier, hence, American Advanced Technology. Over the years we perfected the solution and in we are working very hard to be a market leader worldwide.

We’re Placing Technology Everywhere!

Looking towards future…
Take a look at your cell mobile device, that thing is amazing isn’t it? It lets you call your family and friends, answer e-mails, post on social networks, and even play games.

In the next couple years, mobile devices are going to be in every shop, office, coffee restaurant, school, home and hotel.

We sponsor nationwide events and soccer teams and It’s been a huge success for us and people loved the idea of having access to the latest technology solutions everywhere!

We empower people all over the world to help the them to re-connect with their family and friends, access the internet, work, and more. Innovation is the key for our business that’s why we like to be committed to the latest tools in the market and imagining what our clients will need in the future!

¿Aún tiene dudas? Contacte con nuestro equipo y le asesoraremos sin ningún tipo de compromiso!


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